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Make Some Happy, Jim Cooper Quintet featuring Ira Sullivan

"Ira brings out the best in everybody, this music is definitely cool-proof! Make Someone Happy also captures some of Cooper's best playing."

John Collar, author, musician.

Recorded in 2000, Jim teams up again with the legendary Ira Sullivan, playing in front of a LIVE audience in Saugatuck, Michigan.  The music consists of jazz standards but, played only the way Ira plays them.  Along with Jim and Ira, the group features Buddy Rich alumni pianist Bob Dogan, bassist Dan DeLorenzo and drummer Joe Grass.  Chicago musicians with a Chicago sound, gritty and full of life.

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Chi-Town Sessions

Chi-Town Sessions represents jazz vibraphonist Jim Cooper’s years of playing in his hometown of Chicago from 1983 to 1990.  It’s a compilation of four sessions and features fourteen outstanding musicians. After sitting on the shelf for years, Cooper decided it was wise to transfer the many reels of music he had to CD.  Upon hearing the music again, he decided it was just too good and released it on his own Jazmyn Records label. 


The CD also documents Cooper’s association with saxist/arranger Gordon Brisker and Bob Dogan, a Chicago pianist with stylings rooted in blues and bebop.  The music is all original from Cooper, Dogan, Brisker and guitarist Akio Sasajima.  

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Trio Musik

“Cooper's masterful vibraphone playing and the rhythmic interplay between band members make "Trio Musik" a special project.”  Grand Rapids Press


Trio Musik, Big O, 2010

PERSONNEL:  Jim Cooper, vibes and marimba; Dave Hay, keyboards; Mike Van Lente, drums.

Sbelac Groove, Wind and the Waves, Waiting For Your Smile, Falling Star, Warmth, Fake Out, Djinni, Designated Hitter


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Itchin' To Groove

"Cooper's originals prove light and tasteful."



Itchin' to Groove, Jazmyn JR 606

PERSONNEL: Jim Cooper, vibes, pots and pans, shakers, prayer bowls; Rob Smith, saxes and trumpet; Terry Lower, piano; Tom Lockwood; Larry Ochiltree, drums; Rob Mulligan, congas and percussion.


Nancy's Kitchen, Itchin' to Groove, Third Circle,

Setting Moon, This Could be the Start of Something

Big, Lonely Street, Vision, What the World Needs

Now, Datura.


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"Nutville has a lightness of spirit that just might lift you with it."

Chicago Tribune


Nutville, (Reissued) Delmark, DD457

PERSONNEL: Jim Cooper, vibes; Ira Sullivan, sax,

flute, trumpet, African xylophone; Bob Dogan, piano; Dan Delorenzo, bass; Charlie Braugham, drums; Alejo Poveda,percussion.


Nutville, Mallet Head, Mija, Bemsha Swing,

Cantor de Noite, Sui Fumi, Autumn Nocturne,

Cabbie Patch, Tanga  

   This re-release has a different cover, but other than that it's the same.

Listen/Buy at CDBABY  This re-release has a different cover, but other than that it's the same.

Also available at the Jazz Record Mart, Chicago, IL

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Tough Town


"This is Cooper's debut recording, but he's no kid judging by his picture or his mature lines." Jazz Times 


Tough Town, Delmark DD446

PERSONNEL: Jim Cooper, vibes; Ira Sullivan, sax, flute, trumpet; Bob Dogan,piano; Dan Delorenzo, bass; Charlie Braugham, drums; Alejo Poveda,



Cheryl, Waltz For Betty, I Waited For You, Tough Town, The Dolphin, Shades of Light, Town Sound/You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To.


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Written Music


Standard lead sheets and customized combo arrangements of Jim Cooper compositions are available.   Please email Jim with your order.  Prices are generally $25 an arrangement. Email Jim with your request from the songs below.  The following songs have been recorded and new arrangements are coming.

1.  Brilliant Shores (Chi-Town Sessions)

2.  Datura (Itchin' To Groove)

3.  Djinni (Trio Musik)

4. Itchin' To Groove (Itchin' To Groove)

5. Lonely Street (Itchin' To Groove)

6. Mallethead (Nutville)

7. Nancy's Kitchen (Itchin' To Groove)

8. Setting Moon (Itchin' To Groove)

9. The Wind and the Waves (Trio Musik)

10. Third Circle Itchin' To Groove)

11. Tough Town (Tough Town)

12. Vision (Itchin To Groove) 3-4 horn arrangement

13. Waiting For Your Smile (Trio Musik)

14. Waltz For Betty (Tough Town)

15.  MLK (not recorded, 3 horns + rhythm)

16.  Itchin' To Groove (3 horns + rhythm)