Jim Cooper

Do Not Lose Track

Monterrey, Mexico, July 25, 2016.

Teacher: Thought Adjuster.

Subject: “Do not lose track.”


Message received by Bettina.


Thought Adjuster: “Where should you walk? Where should you go? These are questions that often disturb and overwhelm you.


“You have installed a spiritual GPS within your earthly being. This internal GPS always provides the right direction to guide you toward the best path you can follow, according to your Divine blueprint. It is always available, always working and it never fails. However, there are two things you need to do in order to use this gift of God:


1. Turn it on.

2. Listen.


“How can you turn it on? By your communication with Me through Spirit.


“Desire and allow yourself to connect with Me. Request the presence of the Holy Spirit in your day-to-day duties. Give direct orders through your mind and thoughts that your mind and heart will be open to talk with Me.


“Then, in this full readiness, be quiet. Stop all those thoughts that oppress, saturate, worry and confuse you. Stop! Stop them already! Because in the silence is where you will hear Me. And in the silence is where you can find the answers you are seeking. The route will be given to you by your internal and spiritual GPS.


“How can you know that you are taking the right path?


“When you walk with Spirit, when you walk in step with Me, there is no concern, doubt or fear in your heart. You know from within that all is well, and that at this time of your earthly life, you are following the best path you can take. You know it deep down, you have an inner certainty and you have trust.


“My children, do not lose your way. Remember that where you want to go is your main purpose in life. Love in all its forms, such as peace, joy, forgiveness, goodness, beauty and truth are your main goals. If some of your decisions are taking you away from these goals, from this path, it is time to check your inner GPS and correct the course. The world is full of people who live in fear, sorrow, anguish, anger and resentment. They are disconnected. They have not turned on their inner GPS. They are not listening to Me. They have forgotten Me or have ceased to trust Me.


“Do not be one of them. Be the Light in the world. Be the love, peace, joy and forgiveness, be the goodness, beauty and truth that will touch the hearts of all those around you.


“Do not lose track. I AM here. I AM with you to continue our journey together. You do not walk alone. Walk with Me and in Me.


“Thank you, My children, for listening. Thank you for living with Me. Thank you for taking Me to your brothers and sisters.


“I love you.”


© The 11:11 Progress Group.

If you stop judging, you will find peace — Thought Adjuster.




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