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Your Eternal Resume

Heritage20Urantia, January 31, 2016.
Teacher: Michael of Nebadon.
Subject: “Your Eternal Resume.”

Message received by Lytske.

Michael: “You thought it was funny when I suggested the subject of conversing about an eternal resume. And yet, at the same time you felt that I was a deeply serious about my request. My reason is that not many humans on this planet are giving thought to what it is they are supposed to be doing in their earthly lives. Each mortal’s responsibility is to figure out why they have been given the gift of life, including that of free will.

The entire universe is one vast training ground, starting right here, to evolve and advance reliable ascending beings. After completing their ages-long training to become perfect they shall be found worthy to fill positions of trust in the far-away universes as yet incomplete. They might even be asked to give their insights during the planning for future planets to be inhabited.

“Think about such potential honors: to be asked to take part in the future planning as eternity stretches before you with untold and unheard of potentials. The sky is truly not the limit. And you thought that you were going to sit on a cloud somewhere, bored to tears and playing a harp? How strange and useless.

“Think again my children: nothing could be further from the truth. God has bigger plans than giving you a chance to be bored to tears. (However, you do have that choice here on earth.) Activity abounds everywhere and the universe itself is full of surprises. I can only give you a miniscule glimpse of what might be possible, as beyond this life there are no barriers to keep you from your dreams. Instead, the eternal future can be very exhilarating, but only if you make it so.

“I, Michael, whom you know as Jesus, am the Ruler of this vast domain with my Consort, the Creative Mother Spirit, we are your Spiritual Parents and together with our Teachers and Angelic Helpers will be grading your resumes to see what you have achieved in our universe and what qualifications you have obtained during your journey to advance yourselves as sturdy, stalwart citizens, of the cosmos beginning here on this planet. Here it is where you build the basement floor on which your future curriculum rests.

“This is your sole responsibility as there is much you can train yourselves in; like doing the Heavenly Father’s will with a grateful heart, like learning to love and respect yourselves and learning to love and respect not only those you come in contact with, but equally all God’s other children. Yes, I know, there are many seemingly ‘unlovely’ people residing on this planet, but may I remind you that they, too, have eternal souls, depending on how they live their individual lives.

“Eternal life is free, but some restrictions could well apply if there is nothing worthwhile on life’s resume like loving service to one another with respect and appreciation. Eternal life is not for the slothful, willful and lazy unbelievers.

“My dear children, please ponder these words and respond increasingly to your God-given inner Light and start fulfilling your eternal resume worthy of a child of God.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One.

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