Standard and customized combo arrangements of Jim Cooper compositions are available.   Please email Jim with your order.  Individual lead sheets as well as combo arrangements are available.  Prices are generally $25 an arrangement. Email Jim with your request from the songs below.  The following songs have been recorded and new arrangements are coming.

1.  Brilliant Shores (Chi-Town Sessions)

2.  Datura (Itchin' To Groove)

3.  Djinni (Trio Musik)

4. Itchin' To Groove (Itchin' To Groove)

5. Lonely Street (Itchin' To Groove)

6. Mallethead (Nutville)

7. Nancy's Kitchen (Itchin' To Groove)

8. Setting Moon (Itchin' To Groove)

9. The Wind and the Waves (Trio Musik)

10. Third Circle Itchin' To Groove)

11. Tough Town (Tough Town)

12. Vision (Itchin To Groove) 3-4 horn arrangement

13. Waiting For Your Smile (Trio Musik)

14. Waltz For Betty (Tough Town)

15.  MLK (not recorded, 3 horns + rhythm)  MLK_3_horns.mp3

16.  Itchin' To Groove (3 horns + rhythm)  Itchin_3_horns.mp3



Gigs at a Glance

Oct 26
Harmony Hall Brewery
Grand Rapids, MI
Oct 27
Amway Hotel
Grand Rapids, MI
Oct 28
Harmony Hall
Grand Rapids, MI