Live From Jimmy's Basement


Live online with Jim Cooper, Jim Alfredson and Jeff Shoup, the 3 Js.

 " he's no kid judging by his mature lines... a vibist who goes for the heart..." 

Jazz Times 

"An imaginative improviser, Cooper delivered quicksilver solos and propulsive rhythms..." 

AZ Music Scene

“Cooper gave the evening the sort of depth of modern jazz knowledge you’d expect from a Chicagoan.”....masterful vibraphone playing..." 

Grand Rapids Press


I just wanted to say a few words about Ira Sullivan's passing on Sept. 21.  Ira was a mentor to many of us, his musicality was unmatched on whatever instrument he was playing.  His tone on trumpet, sax or flute was impeccable. I learned about being  a bandleader and how to take changes on stage from Ira.  An Ira performance was never ordinary but, spirited and spontaneous. I worked with him off and on through the years and recorded 3 CDs with him.    He could be a taskmaster in the studio but, he was always trying to get the best out of everyone.  Ira, we will all miss you. Thanks for your spirt and musical genius.  I look forward to jamming with you again in the heavenly realms.



















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